Video of Man Getting Hit by Stranger After Doing “Kiki challenge”

In My Feelings challenge. This popular dance craze has been sweeping internet and people are going crazy about the challenge. Many film stars and celebrities are also accepting the challenge and sharing their videos. In my feelings is a hit song from Drake.

People are mimicking the moves and trying to dance where ever they are. But this challenge is turning out be d4nger0us as thousands of people started recording themselves while hopping into their moving cars and performing the dance on the roadside, in traffic, and on highways.
Dancing is good for health. But r*sking life by jumping out of a moving vehicle to show you your moves and prove yourself is vnhealthy.
Just like this viral video on Facebook, a man showing his moves by dancing the “kiki challenge”. He hopped outside the car and dance. While he dances, you can see in the video clip that there is a man in black on his back. Looking so p1ssed off.

He dumps the head of a guy who dances and points out the driver. To make them stop at what they are doing.
P0l1ce around the world have w4rned people against doing the “Kiki challenge”, after multiple people attempting the viral dance have been 1njvred.

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