Entitled Muslim Brat Demands Soldier’s Business, Gets Priceless Surprise

In Michigan, a nasty woman became irate when she found out what a soldier and his wife in her town had done. Insisting that she’s entitled to their business, she got a priceless surprise from the military couple that left her in utter disgust.

Zeinab Mohamed is the owner of Sweetcakez in Grand Rapids. When a soldier and his wife placed their order in her business, they didn’t realize that it was run by a Muslim. Before it came time to bake their cake, the couple found out about the woman’s religion and canceled their order, while offering an honest explanation for it. Mohamed was immediately incensed by what she read.

Describing what the unnamed soldier’s wife told her as “hurtful,” the irony of the situation was completely lost on the Muslim baker. With a genuine apologetic tone, the military wife said in a private online message to Mohamed, “Hey actually we’re going to order our cake somewhere else, my husband just found out you’re Muslim. And I’m not against it, but he is because he was in Iraq fighting for our country against your people.”

The customer added that switching businesses, for this reason, wasn’t a first for her husband, who has the right to choose whomever he wants to use. “He even changed his new doctor because the new one he was referred to was Muslim, and he just said some things and said he doesn’t feel comfortable having you make our cake,” she explained before closing with “I’m sorry” and leaving Mohamed grossly offended.

I was trying to understand it, trying to comprehend what I was reading, and I was just in complete shock,” Mohamed said, according to Fox17. “My only response to her was ‘My people? What does that mean?’” The baker said she’s not from Iraq, she’s from Somalia, and that her husband, who is also Muslim, even served in the U.S. Navy, so she didn’t deserve this kind of treatment from the customers.

Despite all of her whining and complaining about not getting their cake business, the military couple kept to their response and took their order elsewhere. After finding out that she was Muslim, this couple could have stuck it to her by coming up with a cake design that went against her beliefs just to spite her, then forcing her to make it on the threat of suing if she refused. That’s what liberals do when they hire a Christian baker, instead of seeking out a business that caters to them — and there are many.

This soldier has seen things that many civilians can’t fathom, and some were done in the name of Islam. If he chooses to not interact with anyone of that faith, that’s his right. Mohamed just wants to get attention and sympathy for it from politically correct whiners who can’t see the double standard.

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